Real value and production out of the gates

Hiring, cultivating, and retaining the right sales talent is worth millions to your company. Together we help you build your strongest, most successful sales team using a scientific approach to finding and on-boarding salespeople.

Companies following this approach have found real value in making fewer bad hire decisions and driving more production out of the gates.

Best Practice Sales Process

Define a consistent process and behaviors based on top performers inside and outside of your company, then codify & measure

  • Definitive processes for success
  • Current team development strategy evaluation

Predictive Sales Screening

Using process as a foundation, screen talent based on 160+ proven, sales-specific variables and use questions to probe on deeper sales abilities

  • Consistent, repeatable, predictive interview process
  • Questions that unveil relevant strength and opportunities

Tailored On-Boarding

Use consistent process and questions to assess sales strength and opportunities

  • Modular on-boarding based on strengths and opportunities
  • Reduce time to competency

On-The-Job Coaching & Development

Customize a plan based on your company environment, goals and needs to drive proficiency, from on-boarding through advanced proficiency

  • Train new hires through advanced proficiency
  • Assess development with milestones and health checkpoints along the way