We can help your team win your next RFP.

Companies that take a strategic approach to RFP response while also investing in rigorous quality and knowledge management processes differentiate themselves in this highly competitive environment.

Our 4 keys to building a winning RFP response


In depth knowledge of markets, competitors and customers combined with a structured and objective process to decide if it makes sense to pursue or walk away from a proposal request

  • Scoring evaluation and strategy
  • Research (competitive/customer)
  • Value proposition & win themes

Rigorous Process

Investment in building a knowledge management infrastructure and structured, repeatable process for developing RFP Responses. This also includes a Conviction and a process for using every available tactic to uncover the “true” buyer values and priorities from key stakeholder (this is critical for enabling the next two steps can be done optimally)

  • Content management system design structure and taxonomy
  • Content housing, organization and ongoing management
  • Customizable presentations


Ability to architect a creative solution even when it may not be what the buyer asked for or exactly what your organization currently can deliver

  • Response writing (technical/non-technical) & creative
  • Vignette development & design
  • Finalist preparation
  • Readiness preparation


Blend of art and science in developing a winning theme and support this narrative with the appropriate level of detail, compelling visuals, and  analytical rigor to differentiate your solution from the long list of competitors

  • Rigorous Full Cycle RFP management from Strategy through Execution based on Weber’s best practices from winning engagements
  • Program Manager & Traffic Manager resources on staff
  • In Depth, milestone driven reporting