RFP Response Creation

RFP Response Creation

We can help your team win your next RFP. Our full range of skills combine seamlessly to help clients create memorable RFP responses that clearly communicate key messages and win themes.

Companies that take a strategic approach to RFP response while also investing in rigorous quality and knowledge management processes differentiate themselves in this highly competitive environment.

Our 4 keys to building a winning RFP response are…


In depth knowledge of markets, competitors and customers combined with a structured and objective process to decide if it makes sense to pursue or walk away from a proposal request

  • Scoring evaluation and strategy
  • Research (competitive/customer)
  • Value proposition & win themes

Investment in building a knowledge management infrastructure and structured, repeatable process for developing RFP Responses. This also includes a Conviction and a process for using every available tactic to uncover the “true” buyer values and priorities from key stakeholder (this is critical for enabling the next two steps can be done optimally)

  • Content management system design structure and taxonomy
  • Content housing, organization and ongoing management
  • Customizable presentations

Ability to architect a creative solution even when it may not be what the buyer asked for or exactly what your organization currently can deliver

  • Response writing (technical/non-technical) & creative
  • Vignette development & design
  • Finalist preparation
  • Readiness preparation

Blend of art and science in developing a winning theme and support this narrative with the appropriate level of detail, compelling visuals, and  analytical rigor to differentiate your solution from the long list of competitors

  • Rigorous Full Cycle RFP management from Strategy through Execution based on Weber’s best practices from winning engagements
  • Program Manager & Traffic Manager resources on staff
  • In Depth, milestone driven reporting

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How it helps your business

Yield millions more in annual revenue by improving the win/loss ratio

Reduce the burden on your RFP response team

Decrease the time is takes to reach completion


“Weber has added value to our efforts like no other consultant by demonstrating how to identify and overcome sales barriers from a frontline “on-the-job” perspective.  This ability to identify our true implementation “reality,” has allowed us to align marketing and sales on the real obstacles to frontline success.”
– VP of Marketing