Hospitality & Transportation

When working with two sectors that compete to be the customer’s first choice, Weber naturally applies the belief that every interaction customers have with their brands can – and should be – better. Select initiatives include:

  • Differentiation Created strategy and messaging to help the car rental company become more friendly and provide an emotionally-connected experience that prioritized customer needs.
  • Behavior Adoption – Conducted mystery shopping to observe sales force behaviors in action and implement customer satisfaction measures of success to inspect going forward.

  • Sales Training – Developed on-the-job training and tools to aid reps from greeting through to booking tours (all while still on the phone)
  • Coaching Reinforcement— Delivered prescriptions to help sales team reference back to job aids promoting the right behaviors that generate leads.
  • Dashboard Reporting — Allowed management to see real-time sales behaviors progress and pinpoint success to specific behaviors– then make real-time course corrections.
  • Change Management – Infused “friendly” into every customer interaction – from managers to agents to shuttle drivers – training them to go beyond the transaction to a full-service customer experience.

  • Customer segmentation – Assessed prospect lists to mine targeted, profitable potential customers.
  • Segmented Messaging – Conducted outbound call campaigns using relevant, resonant messaging specific to targets’ rational and emotional needs to find more qualified leads.
  • Measurement & Tracking – Conducted real-time analysis of agent behaviors and messages that work best, leading to immediate course corrections.

Representative Clients: