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Frontline Consulting

By interacting with and listening to your top-performing frontline professional, and collaborating with sales, marketing, operations, and customer service, we uncover and codify sales and service best practices that directly link to increased sales and quality customer satisfaction.

Sales Transformation

Through defining and refining sales processes as well as helping our clients recruit, hire, on-board, and retain top leadership and frontline talent, we are able to develop and implement turnaround strategies that make true, lasting impact on the bottom line.

Field Sales & Service Effectiveness

By defining and executing best-of-the-best customer-calibrated practices from and for both sales reps and service field agents, we are able to increase both new and repeat business from customers and intermediaries.

Frontline Touchpoint Audit

By closely examining every touchpoint (human, digital, printed, advertising, media, and more) between a brand and its potential and existing customers, we can help increase frontline performance and growth, optimize costs to maximize efficiency, and create consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Digital and Printed Sales Tools

From classic brochures to multi-media tablet apps, we work with sales and marketing departments to develop custom tools that enable the frontline to share insights, communicate fresh ideas, and increase close rates.


Finding and keeping quality salespeople has never been more difficult. Our proven, science-backed approach for screening, on-boarding, and continuously developing sales talent has helped numerous clients make fewer bad hire decisions and drive more production right out of the gates.


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Contact Center Effectiveness

To increase customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty – as well as employee satisfaction and retention – we use rich insights driven by human factors to ensure that these crucial frontline interactions are customer-centric and create a lasting positive impact.

Frontline Coaching & Certification

To develop and sustain frontline behaviors that increase sales and improve retention, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with sales and service leaders to determine skills needed, prioritize coaching time, and develop the most effective coaching approaches. Then, we implement innovative curriculum design, development, activities, and certification methods built upon and applicable to real-world situations and challenges, versus academic pedagogy.

Data Analytics & Dashboard

While studying the numbers is key to any data analysis, at Weber, we look deeper than the numbers. We look at the human factors behind the data to better understand and inform how frontline and customer behaviors and activities directly impact customer beliefs, actions, and loyalty. Plus, to enable our clients to make more informed decisions, we create easy-to-read visual dashboards that share not only the numbers, but the stories behind the numbers.

Market Research

From secret shopping to determining market receptivity, our strategists and consultants study the competitive landscape, existing customers, and prospects to inform strategy, segment audiences, and inspire tactical development.


Quality is, by far, the single most underleveraged resource in call centers. Quality should directly inform performance improvement, serving as  a strategic lever to drive business results. Yet most quality assurance programs don’t measure or predict the right behaviors to effectively impact key performance indicators and improve the customer experience.


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“Weber has added value to our efforts like no other consultant by demonstrating how to identify and overcome sales barriers from a frontline “on-the-job” perspective.  This ability to identify our true implementation “reality,” has allowed us to align marketing and sales on the real obstacles to frontline success.”
– VP of Marketing